The creative therapies (or arts psychotherapies as they are sometimes called) are an important part of the specialist psychosocial care provided by Sobell House

Creative Therapists

The creative therapies provide:

Whilst art and music have their own distinctive expressive forms they both offer opportunities to uncover and express important feelings that may often feel “beyond words”.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can be an opportunity to consider feelings, thoughts and ideas.  Making art and talking with the art therapist can help patients consider aspects of their lives, past or present.  Sometimes it can just be helpful to enjoy the possibility of using art materials to give the individual a break. Patients do not have to be artistic and they can choose individual or group art therapy sessions.

Music Therapy

Music therapy has been an important part of the specialist psychosocial care provided by Sobell House for over 25 years. Our therapist works with individuals and families using creative approaches that can help to reduce discomfort and distress. As an evidence based practice music therapy can provide a highly effective approach towards the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Patients will not need any previous experience or perceived musical skills to benefit from the therapy.

For more information on music therapy and details of how to refer please contact our Creative Therapy team on 01865 225371.

Creative Therapists

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