Creative pursuits are an important part of the specialist services provided by Sobell House.

Art & Music Therapy

 Art and music each have their own expressive forms and both offer opportunities to uncover and express important feelings that may often feel ‘beyond words’.

Music Therapy 

Music therapy plays an important part in our everyday lives and it can be calming or exciting, joyful and poignant.  It can also provide a powerful link to memories and emotions that can be difficult to put into words.  We believe it can also help you by reducing discomfort, anxiety and distress, which accompany serious illness.

To benefit from music therapy you do not have to be musical.  By working with our therapist you will explore a number of approaches to suit you, which may include song writing that can help you share important information or create lifelong legacies.

Many bereaved people have found music therapy particularly helpful as a way to express their feelings at such a difficult time for family and friends. 

Art Therapy

Art therapy can be an opportunity to consider feelings, thoughts and ideas.  Making art and talking with the art therapist can help you consider any aspect of your life either past or present.  Sometimes it can just be helpful to enjoy the possibility of using art materials.

You do not have to be artistic and art therapy can suit someone with no experience of art making as well as someone with many years’ experience. Initially you can have a talk with the art therapist about what is available and would suit you best.

Art & Music Therapy

Any member of the Sobell House team can put you in touch with our art and music therapists who will discuss your needs and help you to decide the best way forward.

Our creative therapists are fully qualified and registered practitioners.

To enquire about art and music therapy please call:

01865 225 371

or call the main Sobell House switchboard:

01865 225 860

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