Who’s Who in the Bereavement Team

Bereavement Care Lead and Manager - Dr Marilyn Relf

Bereavement Service Co-ordinator - Julian Bond

Administrator - Maddie Bain

Administrative Assistant - Kim Lacey

Counsellors - Julian Bond, Sally Despenser, Carrie Bruce

Supervisors - Marilyn Relf, Julian Bond, Sally Despenser

Raising concerns about the service

If concerns arise, please do not hesitate to raise them with the Manager.  If you feel that your concerns have not been dealt with satisfactorily, please raise them again or contact Dr Mary Miller, Clinical Lead, Sobell House.

Who’s Who in the Bereavement Team

To contact any members of the team:

01865 225878


Who’s Who in the Bereavement Team

Bereavement Service

General Information for patients, their families and friends, and members of the public

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