Dying Matters

Each year 20,000 young people in full time education will lose a parent or sibling; thousands more will lose grandparents, other family members, friends and pets.  Struggling with what to say often leads to saying nothing at all which can result in feeling more isolated and alone.

Our schools project looks to change this.

Dying Matters is a national coalition of many healthcare, voluntary and independent organisations, formed with the aim of helping people talk about death, dying and bereavement, with the intention that this will have a positive impact on the experience of people who are dying or bereaved.  

For over 40 years the Sobell House Hospice has supported those residents of Oxfordshire facing death and terminal illness. We acknowledge that even though our patients end their lives under our care there are many conversations about death and dying, that we, as a community, still shy away from.

We hope our resources page should help equip you to run a series of lessons to help children better understand the concept of death/dying and be better equipped to deal with the associated challenges should they be affected by a bereavement.


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Dying Matters

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If you need further information on childhood bereavement, or your school has recently experienced a bereavement visit:

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