The Hospice is an amazing place, which felt like home for so long.

Rosemary's Story

Our lovely mum was an amazing lady.

She first visited Sobell House Hospice in November for a few days as she had colon and kidney cancer.  Sadly, we had already come across cancer in the past as our dad and in-laws had it, but we had never been to the Hospice before.  However, we had heard about it and had conjured up all sorts in our heads.

It was Dec 11th and mum was very poorly and we were lucky enough to have her admitted into Sobell House.  By the time we arrived it was gone midnight, but we were still greeted warmly by a nurse.  We knew at this point that this part of mum’s journey was going to be very different to what we had been used to so far at other hospitals.  We were made so welcome, even at that hour, and we felt a great sense of relief.  For the first time in years we felt okay about leaving mum until we came back in the morning.

We arrived the next day to find mum very happy in her new surroundings, and she looked so comfortable.  We had a meeting with our wonderful consultant who was one in a million.  The news wasn't good, and I was supposed to be going away three days later for two weeks.  That was the hardest decision of my life.  I had to discreetly say goodbye to mum as this was probably the last time I would see her!

Mum wasn't expected to see Christmas, however Christmas Day came and mum loved it.  Dinner was arranged so my sister and her husband could sit with mum, and she even ate some.  Christmas carols were sung, mum had a mini Christmas tree on her table and decorations all round her bed.  She was happy and smiling.  The nurses, carers and housekeeping staff made it a very special Christmas to remember.

On one visit from a doctor, mum was struggling to put her teeth in so he calmly stood there tooth glue in one hand, teeth in the other and put them in for her.  I think the poor man was in shock but that's beyond the call of duty.

I got back from my holiday and mum was still here!  We met with the consultant once again and everything was explained to us regarding the pros and cons of the medication.  We were assured mum would be pain free, which she was.  Mum was in her last few days, so we stayed in her room on the last two nights where we were cared for, as well as mum.  The end arrived very peacefully and mum left us with the dignity she deserved. 

Without Sobell House Hospice and the amazing staff, we would never have coped. 

During mum’s stay, my sister and I and our families received so much support, care, hugs, and understanding through many moments of laughter and tears.  Sobell felt like our second home as we were there for 6 weeks.  The staff and other patients’ families became our family. We are so grateful to have been a part of Sobell House and we will remain ever grateful to them.  We cannot thank and praise them enough. 

The Hospice is an amazing place, which felt like home for so long - Thank you very much!

Rosemary's Story

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