"We were given lots of information and more importantly, felt welcomed and cared for ourselves."

Kerry's Story

My husband Paul and I are taking part in the Moonlight Stroll this year in memory of my mother-in-law, Phyllis Sweeney, who spent the last week of her life at Sobell.

She was taken to the JR 6 weeks before her death due to an abnormal ecg at the doctors surgery and was told that night that she probably wouldn't make it through the night. We found out her heart was only working at 15%, her kidneys were failing, liver problems and she had myeloma.

Despite her prognosis the first night she kept fighting and survived a further 6 weeks. 

She was moved to the Churchill hospital and had a round of chemo but was not strong enough to have another. Although her care was ok at the Churchill, they simply couldn't provide the care she really needed at the end. 

Then she moved to Sobell. Her nurse was immediately fantastic. She changed her sheets, cleaned her mouth and cared for her in the way she deserved. We were given lots of information and more importantly, felt welcomed and cared for ourselves. 

Throughout her last week, her care was exemplary.

The emphasis on her being comfortable truly made it easier for her family as we knew she was being properly cared for. Jo, her nurse, who was there when she arrived, and who had been there throughout the week was also there when she died.

More importantly when she died she had three of her children sat around her bed with her.

They got to be with her for her last breaths which is something special for them.

We cannot thank Sobell House and Jo for all that they had done. 

Kerry's Story

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Kerry's Story

"We were given lots of information and more importantly, felt welcomed and cared for ourselves."

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