“The drinks trolley comes around and you can have anything from a lemonade to a brandy – we can have a laugh, we’re not a serious bunch.”

Julia’s Story

Julia Kibblewhite regularly attends the Sobell House Day Centre on Thursdays to receive respite, support and gets to spend the day with other people in her position: people from all walks of life who understand what each other is going through.

Julia sees a nurse each week who helps her manage her medication, and who will also speak to her Witney GP on her behalf to arrange prescriptions.

This is what Julia had to say about Sobell House:

The building of Sobell House reflects the ethos of the place: there is a chapel in the middle, wards on one side and day services on the other, all surrounded by gardens, so you’re in this lovely creative and holistic environment.

Then you have this light shining on the main pathway through the middle which makes such a difference.

We have a living room area with settees and a piano and we all sit around and chat, I find it really interesting and helpful to listen to other people’s stories.

The drinks trolley comes around and you can have anything from a lemonade to a brandy – we can have a laugh, we’re not a serious bunch.

It’s so different from a clinic, where you get results of scans and it’s all very factual: at Sobell they have got time to see you as a person and that is really very helpful; you’re seen on a spiritual level, a psychological level and a human level.

Julia discussed a lovely ritual they have when a patient in the hospice’s day service passes away, she and other patients will gather in the chapel, light a candle and share their memories.

Julia’s Story

Julia Kibblewhite: “I feel like I can live the rest of my life in a better way than ever.”

Julia’s Story was featured for Sobell House during Hospice Care Week, in early October, to showcase the excellent palliative care that we offer to the community of Oxfordshire. She shared her inspirational experiences with the local press including a live interview by Kat Orman.

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