Help us to provide for the future of the Hospice by leaving us a gift in your will

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a gift in your will to Sobell House is a wonderful way of providing lasting support to the Hospice.  The income we receive from legacy giving allows us to plan for the future, and continue to develop the range of services to support patients and their families. 

Everyone should have a valid will, to ensure that all your wishes are complied with after you have gone, and that your loved ones receive the protection and financial support you would wish them to have.  Your will can provide you with that peace of mind.  Leaving a gift to charity in your will can help the causes you hold dear, without costing you money in your lifetime.  In some circumstances, leaving a gift to Charity can also reduce the inheritance tax payable on your estate.  Although you can write your own will, we would always recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor to ensure that the will is written correctly, to make sure your estate is distributed according to your wishes. 

If you already have an up-to-date will, you can still add a legacy to your chosen charity by using a codicil, which is an instruction to make an amendment to an existing will.  A codicil can be arranged through your solicitor and is an inexpensive way of up-dating your wishes. 

If you decide to leave a legacy to Sobell House, you can be sure that you gift will be put to good use, and will benefit patients by providing much needed care.  Legacy gifts are always welcome, whether large or small, but some examples of how the money could be spent are given below:

Don’t forget that leaving a legacy to Sobell House may also help to reduce the liability for inheritance tax – this means that the amount left to loved ones may not be affected by the legacy gift to charity, as it is the tax element which is reduced.  Please seek the advice of your solicitor to see if this can apply to your estate.

Leave a Legacy

If you would like to know more about how to leave a legacy gift to Sobell House, please contact Sally Luther in the Charity Office on 01865 857010

Help us to ensure the future of Sobell House be leaving a gift in your will – a special gift which will provide for future generations

Legacies - a lasting gift

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